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What is Online Activation and what is this module for?

When you create eBooks requiring registration, you send your registered users a registration code that they should enter to register your product. However, you have no idea as to what happens to registration keys afterwards. You can only hope that your customers are honest people and that they will not share the received key with other users. Online Activation allows you to add a special protection shield that will control the use of registration keys. Such control prevents your keys from being distributed.
If you are preparing retail CD packages to be sold off-line, please have a look at Key Storage module also.

How does it work?

The Online Activation module is stored on your web server and runs as a completely automatic manager that allows or forbids people to use registration keys. When the user enters registration information, your eBook checks the validity of the entered key and sends registration data to the Online Activation module. The module performs a number of checks: whether the key is on the black list, whether it has been already used this month and so on. After all checks have been carried out, the module allows or forbids registration. If registration is allowed, the product gets registered. Otherwise the eBook remains unregistered.
The administrator panel allows you to view the history of key use, edit the black list, change the options of automatic decisions, etc.

How to install the module?

1. Download the latest version of the Online Activation module using the menu to the right.

2. Unpack the downloaded file.

3. Upload the unpacked files/directories to a separate directory at a webserver that will process activations.

4. Use your browser to open admin/install.php on the web server.

5. Follow the instructions.

How to configure my products for online activation?

After you install the module on your server, you should just enter the full URL to activation.php in the 'Online Activation URL' field on the Protection page of your eBook Maestro PRO project.

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Online Activation module

Current version: 1.2

File Size: 22.8kb

To run OAM, the webserver you're hosted on must meet a few simple requirements. These are not terribly high, and as such most hosts meet them.
- PHP 4.1.0 or higher
- MySQL 3.23.4 or higher

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Version changes:

- Fixed a bug where the del.php returns a warning message on deleting a product item.
- Fixed a bug which caused the activate.php to check ProductName incorrectly in some cases.
- Fixed a bug where the install.php did not detect the DataBase properly.
- Fixed a bug which caused the install.php to add the default product with a missing time value.
- First release.

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